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God created the Earth and the universe about 6000 years ago. Everything you see around you conforms to this statement. It is not a matter of science versus religion, for everything that God created acts exactly as it was designed to do. This whole discussion is about how it got here. Just because God created it doen't mean it does not follow the laws of science. You can believe in God and depend on science at the same time. If I did not believe that, I could not communicate through this web page because some say if I believe in God, I cannot believe in science. The concept is ridiculous.


The universe exists.


Why must the Big Bang be so long ago?

What exploded? What changed to cause it to explode? Where did the energy come from? Mostly, how do you know, and why am I paying taxes to teach this to today's kids?

The only reason I can think of for the Big Bang to have been so long ago is to allow a mind-boggling amount of time for the fantasy of evolution to take place. No measuring device can be used to prove it - or disprove it. It is a theory that cannot be proven either wrong or right. My understanding of the definition of a theory is that it must be something that can be proven wrong or right to be a valid theory.

Was this before physics?

Now, I am also a little confused. Was the Big Bang a result of a glob of nothing spinning so fast that it broke apart, or was it a ball of nothing that exploded in all directions. If it was a spinning "something", then wouldn't it be expanding in a plane rather than a globe? If it was a ball of nothing that exloded, then what exploded? What was there before? What acted on that something and caused it to explode. Or, perhaps it was something that was once (forever, I guess) and then destroyed itself to make what we have now. And you say God is hard to accept.

Too hard to explain?

Then there is the theory that when everything expands far enough, the gravity of the mass that wasn't there will pull it back together to the point where it builds up so much energy that it will pop again. I hear this explanation is going by the wayside. Too hard to explain.

This is similar to the Creation theory. Too hard to explain. Belief that God created the universe takes faith. It is a religion. I have no problem with some people presenting the theory that the universe started with a Bang, unless it is presented as science. The definition of science does not allow for this theory to be presented as science. No observation, testing, or experimentation can be performed in order to demonstrate the concept. It takes belief - faith. You must believe there is no God. That is religion, as well.

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