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If you are not familiar with our site, let us tell you a little about it:

From the beginning, this was intended to be a discussion site. We propose concepts that represent facts and beliefs of people around the world, and then present facts that clearly demonstrate that information exists that show that some of the world is much more complex (and different) than most believe. Sometimes we show that some of it is very much less complicated than most people make it. Our intent is to start discussions and see if current thought on a subject made sense when compared to the evidence around all of us.

Start with the basics

In school, you learned that Columbus discovered America in 1492, that 2 plus 2 is four, and that if you break the rules, there are consequences. These are facts that we have been able to use throughout our lives to function within the society in which we live. In that same school, we learned that the big bang started events that created all matter in the universe, as well as life itself. All this is contrary to what we learned in church. Because we needed the grade, and because the teachers were so much smarter than our parents or ourselves, we bought this and other myths without so much as a thought that it did not match what we were being told in our church. Even in our own churches, our ministers, priests, and pastors feed us lines of - uh, well, information that did not quite match up with that passed along by the church down the street. In fact, most churches today knowingly do not present the Bible honestly or factually to their congregations. We ask questions about why so many churches have so many different ideas about what one Very Important Book says. We have even asked these pastors why they do so, with some responses that will shock you.

The facts with references and examples

This site holds that many of these popular ideas in both school and church presented today are not accurate when examined. Not just when closely examined, but if you even look at the evidence at all. In fact, we show that most people (and by this I mean way more than half) appear to believe ideas that have not only no basis in fact, but they defend demonstrably incorrect ideas because they are more comfortable with them than with the real facts. In short, they have learned that if they add 2 plus 2 and want it to be 5, they feel they will get more oranges for their money. However, when their boss adds 2 plus 2 and gets 3, they don't like that because they get paid less. Both of them want something that is not supported by the facts, and have no basis for doing so. But, it feels better their way.

State the case

One thing we try to do here is merely point to the facts and say, "See?". Others look at the same information and say, "That's not the way I see it!" Good! Let's talk about it. It is good to question opinions and authority, and evidence can be interpreted in different ways by different people. Atheists believe one way, Christians believe another. In both cases, their belief is just that - faith, not fact until proven.

Evaluate what you have

Sometimes, neither side has all the evidence that you can plop on the table and say, "See?". Since the truth of this entire matter cannot allow both positions to be right (God or Evolution), some examination of available evidence is needed to find out why people are so adamant about their side of the discussion. That's where the problems start. People do not want to say why they believe something. They feel it's none of anyone's business, or that you are a fool if you don't accept what everyone else on their side believes.

Determine the bottom line

The problem gets sticky when there are consequences. The atheists feel there are no consequences to our actions outside direct, immediate results in this world, while the Christians feel there are some very severe ones, but just can't agree on what actions, or lack of actions, will cause them. What is common on both sides is the unwillingness to discuss the matter. Whether life is too busy or they just don't want people questioning their beliefs, the result is that no one discusses the important things anymore. Each believes in his or her own way and no one is allowed to even suggest that they might believe something that will have severe negative consequences. But, since people aren't disappearing in puffs of smoke on the street because of their actions and beliefs, no one is worried.

Don't ignore the evidence

That lack of worry tends to lead to complacency. If no one seems to be punished immediately as a consequence of their actions now, everyone seems to assume that nothing bad will happen later. The Bible is very clear that this is not the case, but who reads it with enough concern to see what it really says? The trouble with that is, by the time we find out what will happen at the end, it's too late to do anything about it. Remember the 10 virgins waiting for the groom and the wedding? Half of them didn't make it, while all the time they were sure that things were fine.

How about you?

If you are ready to examine your beliefs, then be our guest and Enter the site

Of course, the opinions expressed in this site are those of the author and of those who send in their thoughts. While we will gladly publish any dissenting opinion, with few exceptions, it must be coherent and publicly presentable.

For example, we do not intend to publish profanity, argue whether rocks have feelings, whether God is black, white, yellow, brown, red, or blue..., well, you get the point.

However, if we decide not to print your topic of discussion, we will publish the name of the topic and state our reasons for censoring. If enough responses say that others want to cover it, then it becomes fair territory as long as it is coherent and publicly presentable.