Promises and Secrets

Promises and SecretsPromises and Secrets

A website for those not afraid to examine their beliefs, compare them to the real world, and make sure they fit.

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Let others know what you believe and why you believe it. Be able to give a reason for what you believe. If you cannot give a reason for what you believe from your own mind - search for the reasons that justify the belief. If you cannot find a reason to justify your belief, what you believe may not be true. Just accepting what others think is not enough. What you believe must fit the world around you. If it does not, then you need a new belief.

Some say that if you cannot prove something, then you should not believe it. This concept is ridiculous. You can believe anything you want. If you cannot justify the belief, it merely makes it difficult to convince others to believe as you do. If you cannot reconcile your beliefs to the world around you, then you have a problem - not others. Most of us want to think what we believe represents the truth.

Test us, and yourself, by sending in your thoughts about the topics in this site - or send us a new topic for discussion. You may learn something about yourself, we may learn something, and others can learn as well.


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