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New species are evolving?


Life is what God created it to be. No one has ever seen a dog give birth to a turtle naturally. There are many types of organisms, the question is how did they come to exist?


Many types of organisms exist.


God created all the "species" that exist. He called them "kinds".

We prefer to call them "kinds" because the definition of "species" is not clear or even well established. I have seen debates that define species as organisms that are able to mate productively with each other. This raises a lot of other questions.

The reproductive process allows duplication of the original organisms that provide input. Then how do you get different hair or eye color (for organisms that have hair and eyes)? Some give the answer that mutations are responsible. These mutations are accidents that change the DNA of the organism - just a little bit. If the mutation is bad, either the change or the organism cannot survive.

Now, I have to ask, does this mutation affect only one organism or is it a massive (coordinated?) epidemic that affects all the organisms of that type? If the change affects only one (a mutation is an accident, remember), then it did not take millions of years to make a change but affected the organism immediately. This single organism then passes a corresponding DNA modification to its offspring when it reproduces.

The nature of the DNA modification comes into play here. Is it compatible with the DNA of the mate? If the change is the beginning of, say, a new wing, how will that combine with the DNA of a mate with no wing section in the DNA to blend with? If that one organism is not successful, then he is gone - no trace and one mutation wasted. If he is successful and the old group eventually dies and at least one of them is fossilized, wouldn't that leave a "pre-transitional" form for us to verify the mutation when compared to subsequent organisms?

In all fairness, I understand that a new way of looking at mutations has come to the fore. This new concept is called punctuated equilibrium. The mutations between species changes were not gradual at all, but came in gigantic "evolutionary" leaps. A dinosaur or lizard laid an egg, and a chicken hatched. This explains why there are no transition fossils to show the mutation path. Problem solved.

Well, now they are trying to prove that new kinds of animals can come from mutations in the DNA of species by messing with the DNA in test tubes and "proving" that it can happen. This would prove one thing - that an intelligent designer can create many different animals with a single source of raw materials, especially if He created the raw materials in the first place.

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