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How did life keep going?


God created life and gave it abundance of sustaining life to support it. Even if, as the evolutionists hold, life just poofed into existence, how did it stay alive?


Life exists


God created life and made sure that it would continue.

The way we were taught in school, and by life, to survive in the world an organism must stay alive by ingesting sustenance. What did the first organism eat? Did the surge of life-giving whatever also create enough food for the organism, and then allowed it to determine by some "natural instinct" that it had to somehow take a glob of that "stuff" out there and "eat" it? We can't call it "instinct" because it was the first. And, since the first few of these accidents had to have died, how many times did this accident of life happen until one was "born" with the "instinct" to eat?

Then, once it found a way to stay alive, when did it discover the need to reproduce? Hopefully, it was before the first one died. Or, maybe there were many of them created in that magic moment and there was plenty of food for all of them to survive until they fooled around long enough to either learn to create offspring or "figure out" how to divide. Oh, wait...there had to be a mechanism in place for the reproduction - unless they just ripped a chunk off themselves and it retained all the characteristics of the "parent". Now, if this latter concept was what happened, and life was sustained through some cookie cutter mechanism, why was it necessary to "evolve" a reproductive system that was magically pink and blue through a series of accidents? We can ask a million questions, but when will we get one reasonable answer?

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