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Origin of Life


God created life - and everything else. But, thanks to a minister with a limited concept of how the world really works, many now think that life is an accident of nature.


Life exists on Earth.


God created life

Let's use some reasoning here. You start with nothing. This nothing is spinning so fast that it explodes because of centrifugal forces or some nothing force acting on it. Now you have a lot of chemicals that came from nowhere which, by origin and definition, are non-organic. I don't care how many times you throw pieces of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and any other non-organic materials together in a pile or a puddle in the rocks and apply heat, electricity, lightning, magic fairy dust, or any other explosion residue, you will not wind up with life. However, if an Intelligent Being with a plan and the ability to carry it out does it, it will happen.

You can't get there from here

Let's list some of the things that must happen to get from lifeless matter to life:

First, just to get life permanently started:
1. Beginning of organic matter
2. Initial and constant "energizing" of the organic matter

Next, just to stay living:
1. The immediate recognition of the need for food or at least some automatic ability to absorb food
2. An internal system to handle the absorbed food in order to stay alive
3. An available source of organic food
4. A wasteless absorption system or a method of eliminating waste after the food is processed

Heal damages to the body:
1. The ability to automatically repair damage caused by illness, accident, or physical assault

Then, continue through others - or even cell division:
1. The ability to reproduce before death of the last participants or the last dividing cell

Next, (to get where we are) to become something else:
1. The ability to mutate into something the same, but different

Next, to survive the conflict:
1. Recognize a potential threat (remember survival of the fittest), or reproduce fast enough to insure survival by sheer numbers
2. Develop a defense

And, remember that this must all be automatically built-in to the very first life form or it cannot survive, leave offspring, or "evolve" into something better. If it "dies" before perpetuating, then there is still no life.

Whoops, wrong definition

According to "science" theory, the term for the event that gets all this started is "abiogenesis". Try looking up the definition of this term. actually published this little gem:

[ey-bahy-oh-jen-uh-sis, ab-ee-oh-]

Word Origin

1. the now discredited theory that living organisms can arise spontaneously from inanimate matter; spontaneous generation.

2. the theory that the earliest life forms on earth developed from nonliving matter. Compare biogenesis

Now, in order for all this to happen (in spite of their defunct theory), evolutionists solve the immense number of steps necessary (if it is even possible to have steps that will allow the solution to happen) by adding time. With enough time, they say, this could have happened. Their proof? We are here, aren't we?

Even asking "Why?" is giving evolution reasoning power

One of the many questions we Christians have is - why? For each step in their phenomenal path, there is no reason for any of these things to happen, much less all of them in the perfect order. The basic explanation from the evolution "scientists" is that if an organism was vulnerable and "needed" a defense, then mutations would eventually hit on the right combination and that organism would pass the mutation through a corresponding mutation in the extraordinarily complex DNA molecule to its offspring and the "species" would be saved. An example of this kind of thinking is in the statement of Stephen Hawking:

Because there is a law such as gravity, the universe can and will create itself from nothing. Spontaneous creation is the reason there is something rather than nothing, why the universe exists, why we exist. It is not necessary to invoke God to light the blue touch paper and set the universe going.

This is a lot like saying, "Before I was, I knew I needed me, so I created me." In our scenario above, this begs the question of how, once the mutation changed the physical properties of the organism, the right mutation in the DNA molecule reflected this change and was able to pass it on.

Just because one series of beneficial mutations "could possibly" have happened through some sort of accident or series of them, why would any of the rest of them happen in such an order as to solve unlimited problems? And, if it didn't work the first time because no food absorbing was available, and all forms of this first organism died, just how and why did the process get started again to eventually get it right without any foundation upon which to continue the mutations?

Even if one step happened accidentally...

Could it have happened? Who knows? Is it science? No way. Pure religion. At least my religion has a feasible suggested cause and history to back it up. For the evolutionists to say that our Creation way cannot happen because of the need for a supernatural cause, I ask what is natural about their explanation? The word natural means "existing in or caused by nature". At the point of the "bang" there was no such thing as nature, so their "cause" must create the nature they lean upon so heavily. Rather than tell us how it "could have happened", show it happening or call it the religion that it is.

Oh, and stop using my taxes to teach this drivel to my kids.

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