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Bible: Just Stories?


The Bible is God's message to His creation, directly from Him through men chosen by Him. All of the biblical authors wrote about things that happened to them and their people.


The Bible is a compilation of stories that believers claim to be the truth about the creation of the earth and everything that it contains.


Stories of verified history

How else do you interpret predictive stories that were recorded thousands of years before the events they predicted came true? Just look at the number of archaelogical sites that have uncovered artifacts that verify the names and places listed in the Bible. Even the Bible itself is the result of finding manuscripts and tablets written thousands of years ago by real people.

If the accounts are about real people and real places, why can't they be about real events? At least they are not conjecture about something that supposedly happened so long ago that no one can verify it except those "smart" enough to get a "Doctorate in Brilliance" to make up an account that does not involve the supernatural.

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