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Have you ever wondered why there aren't more Messianic Jews in Israel today? You know, ones that believe that Jesus is the Messiah?

When Jesus and the apostles were teaching the gospel, people were turning to Him in droves. Today, you hear about programs like Jews for Jesus, One For Israel, and The Jewish Voice asking for money so they can go take the gospel to the Jews, which some programs have been doing for decades. But the numbers are not changing.

If just 13 men made such a difference 2000 years ago, why is it so hard for us today with hundreds, even thousands, of "evangelists"? Plenty of missionaries have gone out and supposedly made a difference in Africa, Europe, South America, and everywhere else but where the message actually started. However, it seems that there are fewer in Israel today than there were when it all started.

Another curious thing...why, after hundreds of years of going to the third world countries, do we still have to send missionaries to those same places even today? Are these missions not teaching well enough for the "converts" to carry on the evangelism without us sending millions of dollars and thousands of people year after year?

Maybe the message is different?

The biggest reason seems to be that the gospel message of today is so far from the original one that the Jews hearing it are not persuaded. The message that we can actually read word for word in the Bible has been so interpreted and twisted by today's "Christian" churches that it is actually an insult to the Jews.

The pastors of today tell the Jews, from whom we are to receive Salvation
You Samaritans worship what you do not know; we worship what we do know, for salvation is from the Jews. (John 4:22)

, that what they believe is a lie. What would you do if someone came along and told you that about your beliefs? Well, since you are reading this page, you probably know how that feels because we at Promises and Secrets try to tell the same thing to those who pervert the gospel. These perverters refuse to investigate to see if they might be very wrong, but will go to the Jews and feel free to tell them that they are wrong. And all this is without any justification from the Bible, the book that the Jews know better than the "Christians".

"But, we don't want it that way..."

Of course, this refusal is the kind of feedback we get when this site is read by today's so-called "Christians". Regardless of the facts and clear references, the average "Christian" today vehemently denies the truth and spews a gospel that has never been announced by Jesus or any of the apostles, including Paul.

These "Christians" need to combine
For we also have had the gospel preached to us, just as they did; but the message they heard was of no value to them, because they did not share the faith of those who obeyed.[a] (Hebrews 4:2 NIV)
        aSome manuscripts because those who heard did not combine it with faith

Which was better stated, in different words with the same meaning, in the NIV before it was revised:

For we also have had the good news proclaimed to us, just as they did; but the message they heard was of no value to them, because those who heard did not combine it with faith. (Hebrews 4:2 NIV, 1995)

their message with that of the Jews (Hebrews 4:2), so that the two groups would become united (Ephesians 2:14-16
14For he himself is our peace, who has made the two groups one and has destroyed the barrier, the dividing wall of hostility, 15by setting aside in his flesh the law with its commands and regulations. His purpose was to create in himself one new humanity out of the two, thus making peace, 16and in one body to reconcile both of them to God through the cross, by which he put to death their hostility.

) in faith and obedience. For those of you who think that these verses proved the law is abolished in Christ, read Matt 5:17
17Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them.

, Romans 3:31
31Do we, then, nullify the law by this faith? Not at all! Rather, we uphold the law.

, Romans 2:12-16
12All who sin apart from the law will also perish apart from the law, and all who sin under the law will be judged by the law. 13For it is not those who hear the law who are righteous in God's sight, but it is those who obey the law who will be declared righteous. 14(Indeed, when Gentiles, who do not have the law, do by nature things required by the law, they are a law for themselves, even though they do not have the law. 15They show that the requirements of the law are written on their hearts, their consciences also bearing witness, and their thoughts sometimes accusing them and at other times even defending them.) 16This will take place on the day when God judges people's secrets through Jesus Christ, as my gospel declares. (emphasis mine)

, and the study notes in your Bible for Ephesians 2:15
Notes from Ephesians 2:15 (NIV, 1995):

2:15 abolishing ... the law. Since Mt 5:17 and Ro 3:31 teach that God's moral standard expressed in the OT law is not changed by the coming of Christ, what is abolished here is probably the effect of the specific "commandments and regulations" in separating Jews from Gentiles, whose nonobservance of the Jewish law renders them ritually unclean.

. To ignore these passages and their facts is to create huge contradictions in other parts of the Bible. There is only one complete message in this Book, and it doesn't change between passages, chapters, books, or even individual authors. That combination of obedience and faith is the real message of the Gospel.

Part of the message is there

Oh, the love part of the message is there, but that is where the "gospel" of today's church stops. Nowhere is there any indication of the need for obedience to God's rules. In fact, most of today's churches say that there are no rules. You can just do whatever you want, go to confession, and the doors to Heaven will be opened for you. No wonder the Jews aren't fooled. Remember the message of Matt 25: 1-13
1"At that time the kingdom of heaven will be like ten virgins who took their lamps and went out to meet the bridegroom. 2Five of them were foolish and five were wise. 3The foolish ones took their lamps but did not take any oil with them. 4The wise ones, however, took oil in jars along with their lamps. 5The bridegroom was a long time in coming, and they all became drowsy and fell asleep.

6"At midnight the cry rang out: 'Here's the bridegroom! Come out to meet him!'

7"Then all the virgins woke up and trimmed their lamps. 8The foolish ones said to the wise, 'Give us some of your oil; our lamps are going out.'

9"'No,' they replied, 'there may not be enough for both us and you. Instead, go to those who sell oil and buy some for yourselves.'

10"But while they were on their way to buy the oil, the bridegroom arrived. The virgins who were ready went in with him to the wedding banquet. And the door was shut.

11"Later the others also came. 'Lord, Lord,' they said, 'open the door for us!'

12"But he replied, 'Truly I tell you, I don't know you.'

13"Therefore keep watch, because you do not know the day or the hour."

? Just because you think you are worthy doesn't mean that He will.

So, if even those of us who read the Bible for its truth, instead of our own wishes, are not convinced by the "new" message, why would those who know God's word better than anyone in the world be convinced? When He comes, we need to be ready then, not go out and try to fix things after it is too late.

Compare your beliefs to the real gospel, then think about it

In the menus above, under Judaism, check out the page called Why aren't more Jews Christian?. Another that addresses real faith is Will there be faith?. If you find something you disagree with, let us know. We'll be glad to publish your side of the issue.

Don't just accept what you hear

As the Bereans did with Paul, when you read the ideas presented on the pages of this site or any other, don't just blow them off or even accept them without challenge or investigation. Check them out. Compare them not only to your beliefs, but to the Bible and the references given to demonstrate their accuracy. If you find something you consider an error, send in your thoughts. If you wish, they will be published in the opposing view column so that others can see the other sides of the issues.

Disagree? Find an error? Contact us at and give us your view.

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This site is based on the plea of David, the author of Psalm 12.

Psalm 12 (NIV)

1 Help, Lord, for no one is faithful anymore;
those who are loyal have vanished from the human race.

2 Everyone lies to their neighbor;
they flatter with their lips
but harbor deception in their hearts.

3 May the Lord silence all flattering lips
and every boastful tongue -

4 those who say,
"By our tongues we will prevail;
our own lips will defend us - who is lord over us?"

5 "Because the poor are plundered and the needy groan,
I will now arise," says the Lord.
"I will protect them from those who malign them."

6 And the words of the Lord are flawless,
like silver purified in a crucible,
like gold refined seven times.

7 You, Lord, will keep the needy safe
and will protect us forever from the wicked,

8 who freely strut about;
when what is vile is honored by the human race.

A submission from a reader:

 What Got in the Way

    I didn't want the what I found
    Nor did I even care.
    I didn't seek to understand
    The what I saw in there.

    No matter what it can't be true
    I know 'cause I can see
    Just what I want, and what I don't
    And what is wrong with me.

    What absolutes are promised.
    That's not how I depict it.
    And what my what is wanting,
    would make it all conflicted.

    So even though the what is there
    I'd just assume it's not,
    'cause if it was of consequence
    I'd have to ask - then what?

-Steven Glen of Caleb and Company


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